Custom Patch Photo Gallery

Custom Patch Photo Gallery image. Patch collage showing many styles, types, colors and sizes of patches made by A-B Emblem for actual clients.
Custom Patch Photo Collage

Photo gallery showing custom patches in many sizes, styles, shapes, and colors. These are all custom patches that A-B Emblem stitched for actual clients. Fine Examples are also highlighted below.


A-B Emblem Photo Gallery image. Camp Crestridge Est. 1955 Patch - mountains with bear imagery.

Camp Crestridge

Fully Embroidered

This hot needle cut patch in a shield shape plays upon shading and stitch direction with the bears and the mountains in shades of blue.

GSGA Thin Mints

Thin Mint Sprint

Non-Fully Embroidered

This round non-fully embroidered patch features sharp text and artwork on a twill background. An Overlocked Edge border finishes off the patch with classic style.

Howard Cooper Patch in Orange and Brown Colors

Howard Cooper

Non-Fully Embroidered

Contrasting colors and bold graphics make for an attractive patch design in this partially embroidered patch with an Overlocked Edge Border.


Pinecrest Foods Patch

Pinecrest Foods

Fully Embroidered

This finely detailed patch features pine tree artwork and a hot needle cut border. The edge-to-edge heat seal backing makes it a sure bet for heat press application to garments and hats.

Successful Birdwatcher Patch from A-B Emblem

Successful Bird Watcher

Fully Embroidered

Another great design due to the contrasting colors of thread depicting a wildlife scene. The overlock edge border gives this round patch a classic feel.

Barn Hustle Patch in Brown and Gold. Photo Gallery Image from A-B Emblem.

Barn Hustle

Fully Embroidered

A two-color design featuring an intricate step stitch for the truck and trailer outlines. The complimentary overlock edge border gives this patch a classic look.

Rampagers Goat Patch


Fully Embroidered

Classic design elements including fully embroidered stitching with an overlock edge border. Contrasting blue plays well with the white background. Capture lines are thick enough to be done in Stiehl stitch!

A-B Emblem Photo Gallery Image. Mmm...Bacon Guides Breakfast Patch


Fully Embroidered

This patch for Guides Breakfast uses just thick enough capture lines to avoid needing a step stitch. It also has nice texture and depth. And, well everything is better with bacon.

Sunset Shark Patch. Photo Gallery Image by A-B Emblem.

Sunset Shark

Fully Embroidered

Hot needle cut with a contour shape. The patch works well because it uses strong design elements and keeps it simple. The heat seal backing covers edge-to-edge for a sure seal when being applied to garments or head wear.

A-B Emblem Photo Gallery Image. US Forest Service Southwest Region

US Forest Service

Photo Over Patch

This fully embroidered patch uses Photo Over (dye sub) printing in the fish part of the design. The stitching raises the fish’s body off the background while printing gives it color and pattern that would have been difficult to achieve otherwise.

Killpecker Creek Cattle Co. Patch in Red, White and Blue

Killpecker Creek

Fully Embroidered

Great use of contrasting colors which works well in embroidery stitching. The patch has a thick feel in the hand and the hot needle cut border with a heat seal backing makes it easy to attach to garments.

The Tie Dye Lab Photo Patch from A-B Emblem

The Tie Dye Lab

Photo on Twill

This patch uses a photo print on twill to achieve the tie dye appearance. A overlock edge border makes it feel like a patch. It’s an economical solution that works perfectly for the brand.

Kentucky Derby Museum Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Patch

Derby Girl Scouts

Fully Embroidered

This 2.5 inch round patch uses contrasting colors that really pop! The pattern utilizes thick and varied stitch direction to achieve great texture and depth.


Puck You embroidered patch. We don't care what you say. A-B Emblem photo gallery image.

We Don’t Care

Fully Embroidered

Another example of using contrast and bold graphic design to make a striking patch design. A hot needle cut border with heat seal backing makes this patch good to go for fast attachment.

Twn Mtn


This patch uses contrast and bold graphics to create the look of tattoo art. Being a woven patch, it does not have the thickness or texture of an embroidered patch. But, seems to be doing just fine the way it is.


Girl and Boy Green Embroidered Patch. A-B Emblem Photo Gallery image.

Girl and Boy

Fully Embroidered

A two-color patch uses capture lines that are thick and allow for Stiehl stitch. The classic overlock edge aka Merrow border frames the circle. This patch has a Pressure Sensitive Backing which makes it function like an embroidered sticker.

A-B Emblem Photo Gallery Image. Isle Casino Waterloo Security Patch

Isle Security

Fully Embroidered

A modified shield shape that uses contrasting colors. This fully embroidered design uses stitching for the background colors and textures to great effect. Casino lettering is at the recommended limit of 1/8th inch in height and it keeps it readable!

Savage Electric Round Patch. A-B Emblem Photo Gallery Image.

Savage Electric

Fully Embroidered

A fully embroidered patch using a low contrast color scheme. The lightning bolt stands out from the rest of the design in a bold copper color. Perfectly retro and modern at the same time.

National Amateur Baseball Federation patch. A-B Emblem photo gallery.


Non-Fully Embroidered

Swing batter! This pressure sensitive backed patch only measures 2 1/4 inches but it has high quality stitching and detail. The shield design with contrasting red, white and blue colors make it pop.

Town of Severance Patch. A-B Emblem Photo Gallery image.



Woven patch in contrasting colors to celebrate the centennial year of the town. The size of this patch makes it perfect for just about any garment or cap. The overlock edge border gives it a classic look.

Watkins Glen patch. A-B Emblem Photo Gallery image.

Watkins Glen

Fully Embroidered

Checkerboard finish! This 3-inch fully embroidered patch combines the track logo and layout with a grey and black checkerboard pattern across the bottom. Motorsports have always been a great market for patches.

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Note: All patch designs shown in this photo gallery of custom patches belong exclusively to our amazing clients and are not for resale. This photo gallery is strictly for the purpose of showing how custom patches are designed and made.

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